26 November 2008

23 November 2008

The dictionary defines tenure as: status granted to an employee, usually after a probationary period, indicating that the position or employment is permanent.

This academic year, I am going up for tenure. This is how I feel.

13 November 2008

I don't know how I came across this video, or why I like it so much, but here it is. It's called Charleston Style.

There is a lovely cat in my neighborhood who wanders around loose. I think his name is "Jacks," and from time to time he sneaks into my house and hangs around for awhile. Marcy is not a big fan of this intrusion, but so far they have stayed away from each other and no fur has flown. He is really quite sweet.

10 November 2008

The other day I came home to find this on my kitchen floor.

I was horrified, of course, and worried. Marcy is now ten years old, and has an increasingly sensitive stomach. At first I thought it was vomit, but later realized it was poop. After a trip to the venerable Dr. Van, Marcy was diagnosed with a mild case of colitis, and is now on chicken and brown rice for a week! Poor little poopy girl . . . I love you, Marcy!

07 November 2008

I admit it--I LOVE Rachel Maddow, and of course I adore Keith Olbermann. Here is Ms. Rachel on Colbert talking about today's issues and, of course, Keith--the king of cable! God, I really love smart, progressive women . . .

04 November 2008

Today is an historic day . . . no matter what happens.

Update: President elect Obama. I am so excited, and actually (gulp) proud to be a citizen of this country today. I am moved beyond words.