29 September 2009

You too can be the Queen of your home!

Okay--now this is just too much. The folks over at Sociological Images posted this ancient commercial for Suzy Homemaker products, and I just can't get enough of this one. Whoever thinks that patriarchy doesn't exist just needs to watch this little gem of sexist marketing. Wow.

26 September 2009

The Song of the Pigeons

Here's another pair of images from my favorite artist, Katrine Kalleklev. She has a new blog (in Norwegian) and a new cat named Fia! I sometimes post comments on her blog in english--I try to read the Norwegian but it is futile. I don't care, I love her work so much I may try to learn Norwegian just so I can read her blog!

My fantasy is to someday travel to Norway so I can meet and visit with Katrine, and to Sweden to meet Camilla Engman. I would love to meet Camilla, of course, but I really am almost obsessed with her dog Morran. But really, primarily, I would truly love to meet Katrine along with her beautiful family and cat Fia. Someday . . .

The top painting is called "The Song of the Pigeons" and the bottom one is, in Norwegian, is "dueierikkemeg" which translates to "You Can Never Have Me." I love the palpable tension in this drawing. Sublime and disturbing.

25 September 2009

Holy Shit: pro-life=anti-contraception

Thanks to the folks at RH Reality Check we have this very disturbing video showing protestors at family planning clinics, where a bunch of anti-choicers protest birth control. Yikes.

It's kind of a long video (seven minutes) but well worth your time.

20 September 2009

the sound of me throwing up . . .

Here for your viewing pleasure is clinically insane and purely hateful anti-abortion activist Lila Rose.

Ms. Rose, who has so little regard for women, privacy, or anything else, suggests that abortions be performed "in the public square." She envisions a world in which we would get so sick of watching them that we would again make abortion illegal.

This woman makes me physically ill. More charming bullshit from the Values Voter Summit!

18 September 2009

Carrie Prejean is the voice of God!

You know, I just can't get enough of this woman and her silliness. She really does believe what she's saying. I think we will all be enjoying much more from the outstanding folks at the Values Voter Summit.

Have a great weekend!

07 September 2009

Yes, we can!

Holy Shit on a sidecar--have you seen this picture yet? This photo actually appeared in Glamour magazine's September issue. I am so excited to see this picture of plus-size model Lizzie Miller that I can barely contain my joy. Although it does seem absurd that she is considered plus-size she is definitely not your average skeletal model.

And the really good news is that Glamour has gotten loads of positive feedback on the image. I'm not surprised, really, since most women look much more like Lizzie Miller than they do most super-skinny models. Also, According to Jezebel Glamour is planning to do a whole spread of fatty models very soon! Yippee!

out of one, many

I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from a dear friend last week which included my favorite sunflowers and lots of purple and wildflowers. It was amazing. Today it needed something, so I took it apart and made five separate arrangements from the original one. Below (and left) are four of the re-arrangements. Enjoy!

03 September 2009

Ben and Jerry's is delicious . . .

I'm very excited that Ben and Jerry's has renamed their Chubby Hubby ice cream Hubby Hubby to celebrate same sex marriage in Vermont. Yay!

I have to admit I love ice cream--even though it's not vegan. I'm a lapsed vegan. But anyway, despite my moral and ethical failures, I wish that they would bring back their Tuskegee Chunk flavor. It was my favorite ever.

Kudos to Ben and Jerry's for taking a stand.