29 May 2006

I really need someone to tell me why so many "soy" dairy products actually have milk ingredients in them. Since I have been vegan, I have noticed that many, many products such as soy cheese, soy cream cheese, soy whatever, actually have casein (a milk derived protein) as an ingredient. I have become a good label reader out of sheer necessity just for this reason. I just don't understand it--so many products are not actually vegan that should be. Why do these products exist? Maybe they are helpful for lactose intolerant people, or for those concerned about cholesterol. But I have to say it really irks me that so many soy dairy items contain casein. What this whole thing makes me realize is that I need to just give up the idea of vegan dairy products. The one vegan cheese I did find is not bad, but it's way expensive and is just not that cheesy. I can live without it! Ha! Anyway, this is just a minor rant to get it out of my system. By the way, Tofutti soy cream cheese (which is vegan) is fucking awesome. I can't tell it's not real.

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