06 April 2008

Here's a little tribute to some of the dogs in my life. I love these little furry persons. They are so kind, loving and generous with their emotions. Why can't people be more like them?

From top to bottom, these creatures are: Albina (who likes to squeeze into Marcy's teeny bed when she visits), raccoon visitor (I know she's not a dog), Morran (Camilla Engman's beautiful oft-photographed puppy), Gibby (who recently left this earth--we miss you!), and Marcy (my little chihuahua).


Katrine K said...

I was wondering about that number two...a racoon, what`s that? Does he often come on visit? Cool anyway!
The others are oh so sweet, embraseable (I don`t know if that is a word)and very loveable, especially Marcy.
And that comes from me, a catperson..!

Kristina said...

Hi! You commented on my blog in early March -- I hadn't seen the comment and haven't blogged in forever until today. What's funny is I DID waste my time on a guy who was crazy about me -- or so he said. Irony! (See my latest entry if you really want the story.)
Anyway, I wanted to thank you for the comment :) And Cruddy is a great book! A former roommate stole it from me, so I really need to get a new copy ;)