02 September 2008

You know, John McCain's choice for VP is not really that surprising to me. She is an ultra-conservative, anti-choice, pro-abstinence, pro-gun, anti-wilderness, the evangelical's darling, choice.

The fact that her 17 year old daughter is now 5 months pregnant should be none of our business, right? Her life is her own. Her choices are her own, as every woman's should be. But here's the problem--when you are a rabidly anti-choice candidate, and one who believes in and promotes abstinence only sex education (which has been proven to increase unsafe sex practices while it does little or nothing to delay sexual activity) your choices and your daughter's are fair game.

Your daughter's pregnancy is an example of your policies, Ms. Palin. Having your 17 year old daughter hold your infant son Trig to hide her pregnancy is a cheap shot, and now you've made her a target. Obama is wrong on this one--you and your daughter are fair game.

Game on, I say. Let the battle begin.

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