26 September 2009

The Song of the Pigeons

Here's another pair of images from my favorite artist, Katrine Kalleklev. She has a new blog (in Norwegian) and a new cat named Fia! I sometimes post comments on her blog in english--I try to read the Norwegian but it is futile. I don't care, I love her work so much I may try to learn Norwegian just so I can read her blog!

My fantasy is to someday travel to Norway so I can meet and visit with Katrine, and to Sweden to meet Camilla Engman. I would love to meet Camilla, of course, but I really am almost obsessed with her dog Morran. But really, primarily, I would truly love to meet Katrine along with her beautiful family and cat Fia. Someday . . .

The top painting is called "The Song of the Pigeons" and the bottom one is, in Norwegian, is "dueierikkemeg" which translates to "You Can Never Have Me." I love the palpable tension in this drawing. Sublime and disturbing.

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