13 February 2010

Damn, I forgot to remain pure!

Apparently tomorrow, Valentine's day, is being called the Day of Purity by the Liberty Counsel. Wow--what a great idea to have this day on Valentine's Day, so that everyone can stop and think a minute or so about how to remain "sexually pure in mind and action." What a wonderful way to show how much you love someone!

Although I think Valentine's day is a crock, I certainly think people should celebrate or not in any way they choose. I always send my Mom a valentine, because I love her so much! But really, a day of purity? They're just begging for me to make fun of them. Check out their lovely web site --you can buy a shirt! You can print out, sign, and carry around your own personal purity pledge card!

1 comment:

Midcenturymadam said...

Think I may just have to think unpure thoughts all day tomorrow. Maybe we'll watch Dirty Dancing with the kids. It's good to put some unpure thoughts in their heads as well. Oh please, who are they kidding? Let's just all jump on Bristol Palin's bandwagon and give up sex all together....until the right guy comes along, or any guy for that matter. Who needs Planned Parenthood when we have abstinence?