13 July 2010

A gender crime is a gender crime.

Lately, and forever, I've noticed that when a man shoots up a workplace or shoots members of his family or by whatever method murders his wife/girlfriend/partner the MSM never ever calls it a crime against women. They just call it a "workplace shooting" or a homicide. Okay, so it might also be a workplace shooting and a homicide. But, it is also a very common crime against women. In fact I would say it is a very frequent crime that men perpetrate against women that doesn't get identified as a gender crime.

What I would most like is for this to stop, but since it won't what I would appreciate seeing is this: a headline that tells the truth and reads Yet another guy kills his wife.

You can bet your booty that when a woman kills her husband, a much less frequent occurence, it is identified as a wife killing her husband. But every fucking article I've read about this asshole in New Mexico keeps calling it a "workplace shooting." So he shot her and himself at her place of work. That doesn't make it a workplace shooting. I'm just tired of the patriarchy not seeing itself as a patriarchy. I guess hoping it will change is ridiculous.

Here's a few examples:

Fox News: 3 dead, 4 wounded in New Mexico Office Shooting

Yahoo News: 3 dead in workplace shooting

USA Today: Shooter kills two, then self at New Mexico Plant


Rachel J. said...

Interesting post!

Fact: homicide is the leading cause of death among pregnant women in America (it has been for years). Not complications with birth, but HOMICIDE! Talk about targeting women...yikes.

a.e. said...

You know, I have heard that before and it is truly disturbing. Thanks for reading and posting!

Jarrett said...

I don't think it's any secret that men purpetuate this type of violence - those stories have been reported. I think there's a difference with the examples you cite as they are "spot news" coverage, simply a quick rundown of what happened and where.

I have seen stories that say "husband murders wife," before. With these spot news examples, the headline is supposed to immediately convey the scope of what happened, so that's why you see headlines like "Three dead in workplace/office/business shooting".

Typically, one then reads within the story the relationship of the shooter to the victim(s), if there is one and it's known at the time of publication.