26 February 2009

corn mazes scare the crap out of me

Iowa corn. From a corn maze I went to last fall, or the fall before. It was weird, the corn maze. You had to get a card and hole punch it at various numbered stations along the maze. At first we were wandering randomly, happening across stations, hole-punching away. We humanities types tend to meander.

Then, the science person in our group became frustrated and took control. He announced we were to follow in numerical order (!) and thus progress in an orderly fashion through the maze. I'm almost sure that if he hadn't forced us to do this, we might still be there.

At one point, my pal Maura and I came across a small girl. We asked her if she was lost and needed help. She looked at us disdainfully and asked us if we needed help. Was it so obvious that we were clueless? Yes.

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