07 July 2009

Lazy, no. Pathetic, yes.

One thing I have learned in the past few weeks is that when a computer (three-year-old E-Machine) begins to act funny (turning itself off after 15 minutes) the best thing to do is to something. Anything.

Instead, what I did was to decide to wait until my summer classes were done and then deal with the beast--but of course, mister E-machine did it for me by shutting off and refusing to turn back on. Ever. So I went to Best Buy and to the Geek Squad, told my sad and pathetic story to Matt, a very nice geek, and promptly had a mini-meltdown when he told me it could take 3-4 weeks to fix whatever the problem was. So instead, I bought a brand new Compaq (HP) for 400 bucks and now I'm back in shape. Although I have to say it is slightly disturbing that I have a computer with Vista on it.

Also, my friend Jarrett came over to help clean all the crap off of the newbie computer and asked me, among other questions in which he was trying very hard not to seem incredulous, "Don't you ever delete anything from Word?"

Hey! I had no idea you could delete anything from Word! Really! I've been trying to figure that one out since 2000. Anyway, all is now well and up and running and very soon, I will be able to post a few images from my recent road trip to California.

So here I am, back from a brief hiatus, with lots to say about recent happenings in the world. And please, can we all just agree that Sarah Palin is a fucking idiot? I just saw a portion of an Andrea Mitchell interview with the erstwhile Governor of Alaska, and man, what is it with journalists these days? Palin actually makes a comment about how our men and women in uniform "never give up" and praises them for this fortitude--then she talks about why she's QUITTING her fucking job. Sadly, Mitchell was softballing her left and right, with no substantive questions at all. Disturbing.

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