21 July 2009

You can't stay away from it . . .

How can you not love a documentary by director David Lynch? I came across this today and I admit I am transfixed. It's called Interview Project. Lynch and his crew have been travelling across the U.S., apparently mostly in the southwest so far, and interviewing random people. I've only watched three interviews, but they are incredible. Each person, each interview, reminds me of the beauty of people and the sheer nakedness of being asked to speak about yourself. What would I say if asked these questions? What would you say?

Watch a few--tell me what you think. Make sure you watch the "about" section where Lynch describes the project-- it's classic David Lynch.

Whenever I watch documentaries it always makes me wish I could have another life as a documentarian. What could be more amazing than documenting real life? Some of my favorite documentaries are Salesman by the Masyles brothers, Heaven's Gate by Errol Morris, and the recent Young At Heart.

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