13 August 2009

My vulva, my self . . .

I'm disturbed by the recent Vagisil commercial I saw in which a woman is undulating in front of the camera with some satin-y fabric draped around her lower torso, and the copy reads: "feel like yourself again." What does this mean? And what does it mean that the woman in the above print ad has her wrists crossed as if in bondage? Are they telling us to keep our hands away from our vaginas?

Vagisil Satin is going to make me feel like my self--is it? I think this advertisement is trying to tell us that unless our vulvas are smooth, slippery, itch-free and as smooth as satin that we are not allowed to feel good. I don't know about you, but I don't check my vagina daily for slippery smoothness. I certainly don't equate the state of my vagina with the state of my self.

If my vagina is my self, what about the rest of me?

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