18 August 2009

this is truly scary . . .

Apparently people are showing up to Obama town hall meetings with guns. Not just any old guns, but assault rifles. This guy was at an Obama protest Monday, according to this article on CNN . What is up with this shit? Why is this okay? We are a nation obsessed with owning guns--and I find all of this just a little bit frightening.

Once on an episode of The West Wing a right-ish character made the observation that progressives do not simply disapprove of the guns themselves--she said that us lefties don't like the people who do like guns. And you know what? She's right. I don't like them, I wish they would go away and shut up and stop threatening the president with their half-assed, half-baked lies about health care reform and everything else they can't wrap their uneducated, puny, little brains around. If they would just think for a minute, they might realize how fucking stupid they truly are.

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