13 May 2009

cross-country road trip with chihuahua!

Since I live in the midwest and my family is in California I travel frequently to the west coast. Sometimes I fly, sometimes I drive. I'm not a big fan of flying--at least once during every flight I am certain that my death is imminent. Anyway, this summer I'm driving out with my little chihuahua traveling companion.

Driving is exhausting, yes, especially when I have to do all of it. Marcy Keeton Younger would help me drive, except her little arms can't reach the steering wheel. Here's the thing I really love about driving--when I drive I actually have the sense of miles traveled. In other words, when I fly, I always feel disoriented after arriving in another state. It seems surreal, and weird, and it never seems quite real. Driving is tiring, and takes forever, yes, but I have a real sense of each mile traveled. Besides, it's fun.

Marcy and I stop every hour or two to pee and check out the landscape. I have to say that the rest stops in Nebraska are the best anywhere. They have lots of grass, nice covered areas, and lovely little snack machines. I also enjoy the rest stops in Colorado, although they are much less grassy than in Nebraska. I will take pictures and document the trip in case anyone is interested, but posting will be sporadic until I return in early June.

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Laura said...

Hey! Travel safely, enjoy the grassy rest stops! I look forward to the photos.