05 May 2009

lavender obsession and mound building

Lavender is my personal obsession. I have loved it for a long, long, time, and now that I have a yard I can plant it in my own garden! I did plant some last year, without reading about it, and all three of them died after the winter. Or at least they didn't return to life in the spring.

So, I did some reading, and discovered that I needed to make sure the soil is well-drainable, and this can involve building mounds of soil mixed with compost and tiny round rocks.

This mound-building is a lot of work--but perhaps it will be worth it. I also learned that in humid climates one has to be careful of too much water. I may have over-watered last summer.

Lavender varieties from top to bottom: Fred Boutin, French Fringe, and Red Kew

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Katrine K said...

I also love this plant, I have one in my garden, it has been there for at least tree years and I`m so proud of it, it`s getting bigger and bigger. But then my mother came and told me it wasn`t the "true" lavendel, just a look-a-like and smell-a-like.(!?) To me it sure looks like lavendel, though. It is interesting to see how you did this, looks very delicat. Good luck to your lavendel!