23 March 2009

Stop Shaving your legs! Shave your head instead!

Gloria Steinem will be 75 soon . . . Happy birthday, Ms. Steinem!
In this brief video she suggests performing an "outrageous act" and then, waiting to see what happens and how it makes the world a better place, one act at a time.

Some outrageous acts, suggested by Feministing , include:

Buzz cut your hair (my personal favorite)
Give someone a huge tip
Join a union
Come out at work
Tell an older woman she is beautiful
Stop buying/reading magazines that make you hate your body
Write to said magazine telling them why you're not reading/buying it anymore
Tell the person you're making out with exactly how you like it

I'd like to suggest a few of my own:

Try telling someone you're a feminist.
Stop shaving your legs.
Stop wearing makeup.
Stop criticizing other women on their appearance.
Don't let men interrupt you while you're talking.

I'll get back to you if I think of any more!

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