11 March 2009

The Vatican hates women

This morning, my wonderful mom (feminist inspiration that she is) asked me if I had heard the latest from the Pope. She wanted me to guess what the Pope thinks is the most significant cultural event in terms of women's liberation and independence. What is his holy Popester's take on this pivotal cultural event? Could it be the pill? Working outside the home? No--it's the automatic laundry machine.

Apparently The Vatican agrees with a 1950s Whirlpool vision of emancipated womanhood. Ladies! Girls! Bitches! All we really need is a washing machine!

Personally, I'd like a dishwasher and someone to rake my leaves in the fall.


Woz said...

She's amazing that woman. Ya know what? I'm going to see her. Soon. :P

Laura said...

Hey! No more dark basements!

beth said...

Laura-thanks for checking in! Is it bad that my washing machine and dryer are in my basement? Ha!