23 January 2010

Bristol, Sarah, and Oprah talk sex!

I still don't get why Bristol Palin even tries to promote abstinence, except that she is perhaps as clueless and as useless as her mother. In this video Oprah skewers (sort of, not enough) the young woman's position on abstinence. I would have been a bit more forceful, but you know. I'm no Oprah. Enjoy!


Midcenturymadam said...

Sarah Palin should not try to joke around. She falls flat...mainly because she IS the joke. That looked and sounded more like SNL. And Bristol will be having closet sex, I guarantee it. Then her would be fiance will write a book and pose nude for some dumbass magazine. And the soap opera continues. Turn the channel please.

sixtieschick said...

This is like Colonel Sanders promoting eating less chicken. This is the dumbest use of airtime I have ever seen. Who cares if she promotes abstinence. She is initially the victim of her mother's ignorance, and now she improves on it as an adult. I agree with what Midcenturymadam said,which is that she will end up having closet sex, etc.
yawn...get a real job..