20 January 2010

James Dobson wears a sweater

Well, if they didn't already create enough misery in the world, James Dobson and the merry band of nutjobs at Focus on the Family are trying to spread their lovely message of hate and misogyny by purchasing time to air an anti-choice commercial during the superbowl.

I don't watch the superbowl, or any football festivities, but I know tons of people do watch and LOTS of attention gets paid to the ads. Of course there is freedom of speech and they should be able to buy ad space to promote their fucked up ideology; but I can still hate their guts.

1 comment:

sixtieschick said...

Freaks. Yes, I gladly join you in hating their guts. I think he should adopt all the children forced into birth by ignorance and propanda so he can bear the responsibility of his reckless diatribe. Grrr..