07 January 2010

Marcy Keeton Younger enjoys her vacation.

Marcy and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Southern California. I think Marcy especially enjoyed trying on this lovely winter santa coat!

Marcy always makes the most of every situation--she is truly a comfort seeking creature, and I do my best to make it so!

Marcy likes to occupy the laps of people she wants to possess: to wit, Marcy in Seth's lap!


Anonymous said...

Marcy looks, let's see, what's the word?, oh, DIVINE in her new coat. LOVE the fur trimmed hood.

Midcenturymadam said...

Why exactly did Miss Marcy need a fur lined coat in Southern California? Perhaps she was just taking advantage of the after Christmas sales on Rodeo Drive. She looks rather smart in that stunning red coat.

Stenographer said...

Hey look at me and her highness!!!