14 January 2010

Charming pro-birth magazine cover!

Have I ever in my life read InTouch Weekly? No, I don't think so. Do I give a flying fuck what they publish? Yes, when the blatantly anti-choice cover features celebrity-faux-politician Sarah Palin and her fecund offspring Bristol.

Considering the omnipresent and annoying obsession with all things celebrity, with women's bodies, and especially with celebrities who manage to reproduce, these magazines are completely valueless. It is no small feat to piss me off and valorize reproduction at the same time. Jeez--get over it! Sarah Palin is slightly more intelligent than a doorknob, and her daughter Bristol is a hypocritical spokesperson for abstinence only education. How'd that work for you, Bristol?

There is a good article at Salon on this very cover. Check it out.


Midcenturymadam said...

The more shit she shovels to the media, the more they lap it up. Seriously, they need to stop. She is not newsworthy. I hope fox hires her on full time. Keep her busy doing "important" stuff behind the scenes. That magazine should go down in flames. How dare they? Now I'll have to walk through the grocery store line backwards so I don't see that horrible cover. I've got news for them. They are OUTTA TOUCH!

sixtieschick said...

gross.. on so many levels, all the way around.

Kristina said...

I read your post this morning before I left the house. Now I'm at Barnes and Noble and some old lady is eating that story up. Makes me sad.