16 October 2009

Holy shit, there is a grilled-cheese truck in Los Angeles!

Wow-there is actually a food truck in Los Angeles that specializes in gourmet and down-home grilled cheese sandwiches. Holy velveeta! Here's a picture of their basic BBC sandwich (bread/butter/cheese).

They have all kinds of amazing grilled cheese delights, like gouda and pear, and of course the cheesy mac and rib melt (gross!)! They also have a caprese sandwich with mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil. I am looking forward to the savory sandwiches with no meat. Check out their web site, and to find out where they're gonna be parked follow them on twitter. I will definitely be seeking out this food emporium on wheels when I get to Los Angeles in December!


Pete said...

My roommate's husband is a chef. He made grilled cheese and pickles one night. Amazing.


a.e. said...

Clancy, is that you? How's your semester going? I would like to try grilled cheese with pickles--what kind of pickles? but I'm really excited about the pear and gouda sandwich. Thanks for reading and commenting!