02 October 2009

I admit my Etsy addiction

Looky what I just bought! I love Carol Berryhill's work, and since I just got paid (we only get paid once a month!) I decided to splurge on another one of her luminous etchings. This one is called "Eliza" and has a companion piece entitled "Emma." Only bought this one.

Carol Berryhill does some amazing stuff; there's a link to her Etsy shop at right. It's called Plate Ink Paper. Yes, I admit I am addicted to Etsy. Etsy is the first place I go in the morning after I check my email. Sometimes I talk myself into being a good citizen and go to the Los Angeles Times, then perhaps BBC News, then after I've had at least a half cup of coffee I zip on over to Etsy and peruse my favorite sellers.

I wonder . . . am I the only one who checks Etsy obsessively?

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