25 October 2009

Michael, Leatherface, and Rosemary

I love horror movies--really love them. I teach a class on women in horror film and it is in many ways my favorite class to teach. What could be better? We watch horror films, read critical essays and a few novels, and take seriously a genre that deserves to be taken seriously.

Last night I saw Paranormal Activity and I really liked it. It wasn't the scariest movie I've ever seen--but it was very creepy and wildly entertaining. I think the creepiest aspect of the movie was how my own anxiety about where I was supposed to be looking made me jumpy. What was going to happen next? I kept wondering where the next fright would come from--I was trying to pay attention to the ways the camera angle was directing my gaze--it was all very exhausting and disturbing. Lots of fun!

Once I got home I found that the ending that was created for theatrical release was not the original ending of the movie--another interesting twist. I thought I'd provide the "original" ending in case anyone wants to watch it. Be forewarned, it really helps to have seen the entire movie--context is key for this one.

10/29/2009 Update: Paramount keeps blocking anyone from showing the original ending of this movie--I've literally posted and re-posted this clip about a dozen times. I give up! You can probably get it on you tube yourself, as people seem to be keeping one step ahead of Paramount there.


Anonymous said...

Don't leave us hanging! Which one do you like better?

Personally, I like the theatrical release. Left me with more terror.

Also, what did you think of the few minutes of blank real at the end? My friends and I felt it took away from the film a bit-- it was just a little too long.

-Pete Clancy

PS- I don't know what kind of pickles they were. I will try to find out when my roommate's husband returns from Chicago sometime.

a.e. said...

Well, I think I have to agree with you--the theatrical ending was scary, and I liked that. But there is something creepier about the other one. However, I don't like the scene with the police--it seems stilted and fake. The bathroom light coming on, the door slamming, those I like.

Can't wait to hear about the pickles!