30 October 2009

Swiffer Stalker Syndrome!

I admit I'm a big fan of the swiffer. I really like swiffering my hardwood floors, and I can't get over how great the swiffer dust mop is. I'm even going to buy a washable pad for my swiffer (Etsy!) so I don't have to rely upon the wasteful disposable dusters. That said, I don't own a swiffer wet mop, but I have thought about it. I have, however, been disturbed by the ridiculous swiffer commercials that depict mops and brooms pining after women who have abandoned them for the swiffer. And of course these commercials, as all cleaning product narratives do, only ever depict women cleaning; usually after men and children who make a huge mess.

But it was not not until this morning, when I read this post on Feministing Community by a nine year old young woman, did I really think about how these narratives romanticize and trivialize stalking. You go, smart girl!

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factcheckme said...

omg. i am glad someone wrote about this, because i was thinking the exact same thing. these commercials are offensive, not funny. i know that many people (usually men) cant tell the difference, and/or dont care. but a stalking-narrative used to sell cleaning products is just repulsive.