26 November 2009

bad housewife equals hilarity

Timmy knew that if he didn't make eye contact with Adam, The Giant Scary Doll, that Adam would eventually go away!

Found this really great blog this morning called Bad Housewife. She is hilarious and snarky! She also creates wonderful collages using old magazines and images from the past. I love these collages--they're creative, creepy, smart, and funny as hell.

I especially like the subtle subtext of woman as edible object. The collages that depict women and men seem to suggest the longings of men to consume women, and the cultural idea of women altering themselves to be considered desirable. Hmmmmm . . .

From top to bottom: Ice-cream sundae hat, chocolate pudding hat, fruit-cocktail jello hat! Sublime.

1 comment:

Bad Housewife said...

Thank you for this awesome post about my blog! You are so sweet!