17 November 2009

Never "more than my own life . . ."

No, I have to say, just no. I understand devotion to literature, and I understand the love of tattoos, and I understand (I guess) combining the two. But please, people, Twilight Tattoos? The Daily Beast has a photo essay of some Twilight inspired tattoos. Of course people are entitled to get whatever fucking tattoos they wish--but couldn't they be devoted to The Catcher in the Rye or As I Lay Dying or Cruddy or Beloved or anything but Twilight?

I have to say I really like this one tattoo of a big 'ole paragraph from Twilight, even though I don't like the sentiment or ideology that's in the paragraph. It gets me kind of crazy to think of this kind of writing inscribed all over women's (and men's) bodies. Haven't you read the books, people? Why oh why would you re-inscribe these misogynist norms onto your bodies? Why do you want to be Bella? Why would you ever put your fucking boyfriend's life before yours?

I'm sorry, but wake the fuck up. Twilight, New Moon, and whatever the other two are called just make me scream. As much as I enjoyed reading the first three, (still working on number four) despite the truly crappy writing--these novels basically revive the idea that "true love" and "romance" are the reason for living, especially for women.

No! Just no.


Mid Century Madam said...

no, No, NO NO NO NO!!!! I couldn't agree with you more.

Zojojojo said...

Never has so much ink been used for so little.

And agreed: Twilight is as offensive as it is trite, and I look forward to when the Twi-hards all hit 22 and realise that they were worshipping the unfulfilled fantasies of a Mormon housewife.

Caitlin said...

Thank goodness there are some sensible people in this world! Bella was weak and couldnt "survive" with out a guy in her life- definitely not a heroine. I'm all for love and romanticism, but I also know that there are "plenty of fish in the sea" and my happiness should come first.

Darkgarden said...

I dig your style man.