14 November 2009

fashion, or modern footbinding?

This morning the Los Angeles Times has a story on women and shoes. News? Perhaps not. But it got my attention with these photos!

These shoes are disturbing. I know they're supposed to be extreme for the runway, but really, what on earth are they supposed to be about if not hobbling women? The pair with the sparkles are Alexander McQueen, and I truly hate those. I'm full of hate.

The pair with the heel as fertility symbol (Dior) just say so much to me! Now there's a powerful metaphor for women! What keeps you viable in our culture? Your uterus! What is your true reason for existence? Your ability to reproduce. That is why these shoes say so much--prop yourself up with a symbol that will help you conceive, as well as a pair of shoes so tenuous that you could never run away from anyone trying to tie you to your stove/bassinet/washing machine.


Stenographer said...

Definitely modern foot binding. No doubt about it.

sixtieschick said...

what's really bizarre is that somebody actually gets paid money to think of these weird, useless things. What a waste, not to mention a health hazard

Mid Century Madam said...

Footbinding...definately...come on ladies, what the fuck?