03 November 2009

kleenex makes a very good hat

One of my favorite books of all time is Eloise. I love Eloise, and her nutty life at the Plaza Hotel with her turtle Skipperdee and her little dog Weenie. She gets in all kinds of trouble and makes adults very nervous and has a blast all the time. I loved that she was able to get away with so much stuff. I also love her little belly and how her clothes were always in disarray. She is awesomely disheveled.

Kay Thompson wrote these wonderful books and they were illustrated by the incredibly talented Hilary Knight. Knight is fucking artistic genius, and was honored this week at the New York Public Library.

I wish I could have been there.

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sixtieschick said...

Ah yes, Eloise. I spent many early morning hours studying her life at the Plaza.. It was intoxicating to me. It must have been something we shared, although I don't remember it specifically. I would have loved to see that exhibit as well.. Maybe it will travel?