13 April 2009

creepy quiverfull family on Today Show

It's not enough that the Duggars have a show on TLC that never mentions their fascistic/misogynistic Quiverfull affiliation, but now the Today Show has them on this morning to announce that their eldest son has already impregnated his wife (i.e. the newest reproductive host) and they're so happy! Of course, they announce the birth also saying they will let "god" plan how many children they (she) is going to spawn.

To me, the creepiest part is that the wife (womb-warrior) took the damn pregnancy test and then let her husband (owner) see the results before she did, because she was so "anxious" about the result. So of course he told her she was pregnant. Why was she anxious about the result? Because her value as a woman/wife is almost solely linked to her ability to produce as many children as her body will allow until she dies. Disturbing. Watch for yourself.

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