08 April 2009

snap into a slim jim

The next time you omnivores bite into a piece of bacon, you might consider little Fiona, recently rescued by Farm Sanctuary.

Here is part of her story:

Rescued from certain death on a factory hog farm along with another small piglet, Fiona had endured much abuse by the time she came to us at just under two weeks of age, as she had already been cruelly tail-docked without anesthesia and ripped from her mother’s side to be primed for the commercial food chain. Like countless other piglets who are to be raised for pork, she and her friend were destined for a crowded concrete pen where they would be fattened up for about six months and then slaughtered before they even had a chance to mature. However, not all piglets actually end up fitting into the industry’s plan, and the cruelty they endure at the hands of agribusiness takes other forms.

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