14 April 2009

I can be one nasty bitch . . .

Is it ever right to make fun of someone? I suppose it is okay if that someone is bad in a harmful kind of way, or if that someone is really mean to other people. I think I have to say something.

Sometimes when I'm reading blogs I click on the "next blog" thingy at the top of the blog I'm reading. It randomly takes one to some blog, very often about football in Spain, or botany in Uruguay, or someone's adventures building a house in Montana. Nothing earth shattering. But a few weeks ago I came across this blog called Polka Dots and Protein Bars.

Now Polka Dots and Protein Bars (94 followers) seems harmless enough. The blogger describes her page as " a hodgepodge of joyful chatter from the life of a 22 year old girl learning to be a grown up lady." Aside from the "girl" and "lady" crap, I found that this blog which dwells on clothing, fashion, brunching, protein bars, decorating, and all other sorts of girly pursuits is not alone. Oh no--this is a trend amongst blogs. There are literally oodles of blogs (now I'm starting to sound like them) out there by young women that focus on married life, dieting, children, being a woman, and all kinds of other feminine pursuits. So what, you ask? Who cares?

I became fascinated with these regressive blogs with titles like Newlywed Stillettos, Monograms and Manicures, With This Ring, First Comes Love, An Undomesticated Newlywed, (118 followers) and so on, endlessly. Perhaps I am jaded, but who the fuck cares about this crap? When one reads these blogs, if you can even stand reading past the first sentence, they prattle on and on about the most mindless stuff, as if not a one of them has ever heard of politics or ideas or reality: or least of all feminism. My favorite is of course the original, Polka Dots and Protein Bars, because this blogger is really unbelievable. She just recently posted about a plus-sized woman at her gym and made fun of her weight.

I suppose my disgust is useless. But I'm really perplexed--do these women really not see what is around them in the world? Do they not see how trivial these issues are? Why should I care? How does it affect me? It doesn't, really, except once I found Polka Dot lady I couldn't resist commenting on her blog from time to time. No response. Damn it.

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