10 December 2009

Rachel Maddow takes on the anti-gay agenda

Rachel Maddow is truly an extraordinary interviewer. In this clip, she very thoughtfully, yet forcefully, interviews Richard Cohen, who is the very strange Stepford-like founder of a group called Change is Possible. He believes that "gayness" can be changed into heterosexuality though "therapy." Apparently his brand of therapy is a bit weird (to say the least) and of course he is unlicensed and has been kicked out of all reputable psychological associations.

Too bad for him that his book was used by the Ugandans who were trying to pass a "kill the gays" bill. Luckily the killing aspect of the bill was trashed yesterday, but it still advocates very harsh penalities for homosexuality in Uganda. Very, very scary.

I know it's a bit long, but this clip is worth watching. My favorite part is when she says "I'm reading from your book, dude." Priceless.

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