11 December 2009

Stanley Fish is a dick . . .

My favorite cartoonist and clip art genius David Rees has a great post up at his blog Get Your War On about Stanley Fish and his amazing, incredible and truly mind-boggling positive review of Sarah Palin's "novel," Going Rogue.

Rarely will I just copy another blogger's work, but David Rees deserves to be quoted, not paraphrased, he is so succinct and sublime in his rant against Fish and Palin. Never though I'd say those two names together, now, didja? I've never really liked Stanley Fish, now I hate him. Ha!

David Rees: I truly don’t understand this guy. I get being counterintuitive and provocative and trying to make people “think again” or whatever, but come on … really?
In the end, perseverance, the ability to absorb defeat without falling into defeatism, is the key to Palin’s character. It’s what makes her run in both senses of the word and it is no accident that the physical act of running is throughout the book the metaphor for joy and real life. Her handlers in the McCain campaign wouldn’t let her run (a mistake, I think, even at the level of photo-op), no doubt because they feared another opportunity to go “off script,” to “go rogue.” (from the Fish review)

David Rees: Dude, she was a governor and she quit her job. I don’t care if jogging is a metaphor for “joy and real life,” or if shooting wolves from a helicopter is a metaphor for despair and repealing the estate tax– this woman is stone-ass-crazy. Talk to her for thirty minutes about ANYTHING OTHER THAN ALASKA and get back to me.

Stanley Fish is nuts. It reminds me of that old saying: “Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Give a man a Stanley Fish essay, drive him mad for a lifetime.”


Mid Century Madam said...

I just love what poor little Sarah from Wasilla said about debating Al Gore on global warming. Actually, it makes me choke to even say her name in the same sentence as Al Gore's. Love the title of your post. If Stanley Fish is a dick then Sarah Palin is a _____! You fill in the blank...just make her go away!!!

Anonymous said...

The nut job right wingers have finally gotten smart and disguised Cheney/Bush in go go boots and a short skirt with a bible in her hand...with a Down Syndrome baby as a prop. Sarah Palin scares the hell out of me.