19 December 2009

Bad Couches

Oh, how I love to peruse craigslist! It's so much fun to look through the furniture listings, for example, to see if there are any midcentury pieces for sale. I was lucky to find a beautiful 1960s buffet for 100 bucks last summer, and I also bought a fantastic light fixture for 20 bucks just a month ago.

But what I really enjoy the most is laughing at the truly awful couches that people think someone else is actually going to pay money for. Here are a few examples of the bad couches I found just today on the Des Moines, Iowa, furniture listings.

For Sale: $175.00 Really?

For Sale: Couch and Loveseat $1000.00 Are you kidding me?

For Sale: $400.00 Seriously?


Midcenturymadam said...

So funny you posted this on the day I bought a couch from Salvation Army. I had just looked on Craig's list and I saw the most hideous couches for sale for hundreds of dollars. What are they thinking? We gave our old couch to our sons friend. It wasn't even that bad. Give me a break bad couch people. Dump that ugly SOB and quit taking up space on Craig's list!

a.e. said...

Your new couch is fantastic! But really, I do not understand this couch problem--what on earth makes people think anyone would pay that much money for a crusty and ugly old couch? Sometimes I want to email them and say something. But I don't.