15 December 2009

This could be why I am fat, part 2

Oh, I love to visit the website This is Why You're Fat to witness all the wonderfully weird, indescribably delicious, and usually mostly incredibly disgusting concoctions us humans have come up with in the name of gustatory pleasure.

I have posted these two pictures because the top creation (cupcake kabobs) actually looks kind of good to me. And, I will admit, I display the picture of the Taco Bell crispy potato soft taco because I have eaten one (more than one) and I truly enjoyed it. The taco is very simple, and simply delicious!

But really now--what were they thinking with this disgusting item (below) called deviled corn dogs? This dish is described as "corndog hot dogs pureed with cheese, mayonnaise and tater tots, then re-baked inside a corndog shell." No, just no.

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Midcenturymadam said...

Those are the kinds of things I might eat after a week of dieting. Give me something that has the highest fat gram count. Doesn't matter how disgusting it might be (although the deviled corn dogs just go too far). I ate a bacon cheese burger today after a week of healthy eating. Why??? I never eat burgers! Because I wanted to be BAD.