06 December 2009

Things I like about winter . . .

I decided that since it is going to snow very soon, I might as well embrace winter and enjoy it. So here are a few things I like about winter:

I can go to the grocery store, put stuff in my trunk, and then go to dinner or forget the stuff in my trunk and it will be fine because it is so cold outside.

Falling snow is seemingly very quiet, but it actually makes an eerie kind of sound--kind of whooooosh.

I like complaining with people I don't know about the cold and how much snow fell. Very community building!

I really like the way the trees look after a snowfall.

I like being able to have the fantasy of possibly being snowed in. It's never really happened to me, but you never know.

I enjoy the overly dramatic weather reports on the local news: Winter Storm Watch! Possibly 10-12 inches of snow! Blizzard Watch!

I love my flannel sheets and my flannel comforter cover. Very cozy.

And last, of course, without winter there would be no spring!

1 comment:

Darcie Vandegrift said...

Very nice - I'm fantasizing about being snowed in, too. And I like turning my back porch into a fridge to store pots of soup. Love ya!